Each one of us is bearing one or the other skin issue, be it persistent acne or a weird looking mole that you just discovered. It is okay to deal with your DIY solutions to your regular skin problems but there comes a time where you actually need to visit a dermatologist.
So when is the exact time to panic? We have brought you five signs that you should not ignore and visit a dermatologist asap!



1. If you have been blushing a lot lately.

We all have a natural blush in our skin, but if you’re blushing or have a reddish tint in your skin which can be prominent then you may want to visit a doctor. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or SLE can make you blush in a butterfly distribution. It is an autoimmune disease which is chronic but can be diagnosed with a simple blood test. Along with this, people who have lupus may also feel extremely tired, swollen and painful joints. If you are experiencing similar symptoms, it’s better to see an expert.



2. Your skin is getting really dry.

And by this, we don’t mean your skin is getting dry in winters; If you see your skin getting drier than usual, you should get it checked. Many a time, it is related to the thyroid problem and a blood test will diagnose this. For some, dry skin is no big issue but along with this if you experience fatigue, loss of hair, muscle weakening it may indicate an underactive thyroid and you should take expert advice in this case.



3. You are becoming very pale.

Though some people have a naturally pale complexion, it is to notice if you are looking paler than usual. It could indicate anaemia, if you’re also feeling tired and have cold hands and feet along with it, it is better to get yourself tested. Anaemia can lead to major health problems if left untreated, also, start taking iron supplements to feel better.



4. You are being a big sweat bag.

Though it is fine to sweat if it is extremely hot outside or you are working out, but if you are sweating more than usual it may indicate something serious. Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition in which you sweat excessively even if you are not working out or if it is not even hot. It has different treatments such as oral treatments, injectable treatments or surgical procedures, your dermatologist will select the best for you.



5. You are having brittle and yellow nails.

Having brittle and yellow nails can be covered up with a coat of nail paint, but it is no permanent solution. If you see your nails being yellow and brittle, it is time to visit a doctor as it could be a fungal or bacterial infection. An expert can recommend the right treatment or medication for you.