The person who tends to spend hours talking to you and messaging you, suddenly he has started ignoring you. Here could be some reasons why he is ignoring you:

Power game:

In the initial days of one’s relationship people tend to ignore each other a little. This is done so that they can check if there partner is really interested in them or no. this helps them in understanding there value in the eyes of their partner. The partner tends to message or call them when they are ignored and this satisfies the demand of the power game.


The person who has lately caught your fancy could actually be busy with work. They probably do not have enough time to message or call you. However  if they still manage to make it an effort of contacting you with their busy schedule then it means that they are actually interested in you.

Perusing other girls or he is committed :

He could be perusing other girls at the same time he is trying to peruse you. This results in less time for him and that is why he ends up ignoring you. If he is actually seeing other girls or is committed to another girl then you should leave this toxic relationship as it harmful for you. He is playing with your emotions. One should never stay in a relationship with a person who plays with your emotions.

He is probably not interested in you anymore:

Probably the man you love is no more interested in you anymore. He does not want to  break his ties with you. He is simply trying to distance from you and this could be one of the main reasons why he could be ignoring you. It is a difficult fact to be accepted that the man you love is no more interested in you but like it is always said “that you cannot force anyone to love you.”

Needs his me time:

We all need our me time. Similarly the boys want their me time as well. The time where they can chill with their guy friends, hangout, go to pubs without being bothered by a girl. If your guy is ignoring you because of this reason then he does love you but allow him to have his me time because everyone likes a little freedom.

He could be playing hard to get:

If one is in their initial stage of their relationship they tend to ignore because they want to show that they are hard to get. They don’t want to be taken for granted that they are there whenever we need them. They want their partner to realise their worth and value.