On the off chance that you simply don’t have affections for somebody and presumably never will, you have to tell them that — particularly at the time that they’ve quite recently expressed their adoration for you. It’s the ideal opportunity for one of those huge, hard discussions. “As I would like to think at that moment that you are in the circumstance where you have to tell somebody that you don’t love them, you most likely have a greater discussion you need with the other individual If the other person is infatuated and you aren’t, the relationship wouldn’t have a lot of a future,” Hartstein says. “Saying you don’t love them is likely piece of a ‘where is this going’/separation discussion.”Admitting you don’t love somebody can constrain a significantly greater impact on their feelings and emotions. In any case, you’re required to know more about their sentiments, so to ensure that you’re as humane as you could be without demeaning their sentiments.


  • Tuning to their state of mind

It might be obvious that the person might have suppressed his/her feelings for a long time so, welcoming them in a way that they had the guts to come up and reveal to you their sentiments. It takes a ton of bravery to do that.



  • Never Reject or Act Incautiously


Never refuse immediately, be persistent and listen mindfully and let them complete their side of the story and try to understand them thoroughly. Difference between being honest and being impulsive should always be taken care of as spontaneous talks could be a lot much worse for their mental state. Saying ‘No’ doesn’t always have to be ruthless or harsh. According to Author and Relationship expert, Susan Winter, “Include the ways in which they make you happy and add value to your life. If you can’t say ‘I love you’”.



  • Never Deny or Act Indiscreetly

After they express their emotions, all you have to do is try to minimize contact with them. It is necessary as it would create a separation between you two which could be significant for the other person to understand through your behaviour. You need to create a thin line between your friendship and their adoration.



  • Avoiding False hope at any cost

Never give any kind of false hope which might lead to a positive sign for them. Not being assertive enough to say ‘No’ can cause-consequence which can create complications in your relationship.



  • Never let the emotions get in the way of the feelings

Anger might be something you need to let go off when emotions and sentiments are talked about. Try to put your yourself in their shoes and understand their situation and act accordingly. If you act instantaneously, then the individual may feel offended and it will offend them more.


  • Never Create Unnecessary Drama

Lastly but really crucial try not to create a drama or joke/ brag about it in front of your friends, it might be gossip for you but it can hurt the other person and makes them think about it as an insult to their feelings.