Who doesn’t crave  for chocolates ?  Chocolates whether dark , milk or white feels heavenly for chocolate lovers. They are so yum , that one cannot resist it. They are used to serve someone in happiness, to gift someone but it is hard to share it with someone.

In the recent years, various studies have shown that chocolates are quiet healthy. People have now started to keep aside the myths related to chocolates and focus on eating dark chocolates. They are now inching towards the intake if this healthy chocolate as they are highly beneficial.

It is generally found that most people love the milk chocolates because of its smooth texture and sweetness. Having said that, one should not overlook the health benefits of dark chocolates. You should eat 2 or 3 small pieces of it everyday to stay healthy. They are enriched with copper,magnese,fiber and iron.

Dark chocolates have a little rough texture and taste quiet bitter. It contains a high percentage of cocoa milk and cocoa butter than milk chocolates. They contain around 70% to 99% of pure cocoa. It also contains antioxidants and has been regarded as a superfood , in turn leading to a hike in demand globally.

Here are the benefits of consuming dark chocolates

Strong source of antioxidants

It has a high content of antioxidant s which includes vitamins and minerals. The two groups of antioxidants  flavonoids and polyphenols are present in the dark chocolate which is higher than tea and wine. They are of great importance and they are the most important elements in the dark chocolate.

Helps in avoiding heart diseases

Dark chocolates helps to fight heart diseases and strokes. The presence of cocoa reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The arteries are not blocked by the cholesterol , rather it keeps your heart fit and gives it ability to fight against various problems.

Improves the mental health

Dark chocolates can improve the brain functioning as the cocoa helps to fosters the blood flow to the blood , in turn leading to its better functioning. Furthermore, it cures mental impairements and makes the mind sharp. It makes the mind more stable and increases the concentration level.

Lowers down the blood Pressure

One of the most important benefits of Dark chocolates is that it helps to beat the high blood pressure. It improves the blood flow and lowers down the blood pressure. People with high blood pressure should intake it , so as to keep the high blood pressure in control.




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