Cycling is timeless!

Whether it’s about fun, environment, transport, health or bank balance, riding a cycle is one of the best decisions you can ever make. Being a minimal force exercise which most people enjoy as a sport irrespective of age, cycling chairs as one of the best ways to reduce health issues associated with inactivity.


Still doubtful? Check the entire post revolving around the reasons to improve your relationship and health!


Weight loss:

Cycling solves tough equations when it comes to weight loss. Being an exercise of muscles, regular cycling can help you in keeping up with a lean body structure as cycling improves the rate of metabolism and thus burning the body fat and reducing weight.


Helps in building muscles:

Cycling is the art of balancing through pedals. People often assume that cycling helps in burning the fat only around calf and thighs but it’s much more than that! Cycling involves the movement of many body parts which helps in toning the muscles, particularly around the arms, calves, quads and hamstrings. It improves the flexibility of muscles and helps you get into shape.


Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases:

Cycling improves the health of our heart and lungs which in turn reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Experts say that when we pedal a cycle, our heart beats faster than normal and we display improved cardiovascular function. We are less prone to the pollution than the car explorers.


Improves your sleep:

It’s very true that a morning ride on bicycle improves your sleeping pattern. It has been observed that a morning ride of 20-30 minutes every day tires you out and as you lay on the bed you will fall asleep. It, in fact, helps the insomniacs to catch some quality sleep.



Improves your skin:

Scientists say that cycling regularly shields the skin against the devastating impact of UV rays, wrinkles and fine lines. Due to increased blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients flow through the skin cells in a very effective way and toxins get flushed out.



Not only from the perspective of your health and bank balance but a bicycle is good for the environment too. Bicycles are made with less material than a car and produce zero pollution. Moreover, bicycles are lighter than the cars and in fact the rider himself.