With the conclusion of IPL 2018, TV channels are striving hard to reinstate their TRP. For the purpose, many of them plan to launch the new programs so that it becomes a bit easier for them to hit the audience with the new content and get them hooked right to the shows.

Following the established trend, Sony TV is here with three new shows including ’10 ka Dum’, ‘Zindagi ke Crossroads’ and ‘Dil Hi To Hai’.



Dil Hi To Hai is the upcoming show produced by Ekta Kapoor. The daily soap made its debut this Monday on June 18. The show created build up even before the launch of its promos as it was earlier assumed that the show is re-make of ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’. But Ekta refused the buzz calling it a rumor and tweeted that the show is a family drama and shares no link with the movie.

‘Dil Hi To Hai’ casts many known faces of the industry including Karan Kundraa, Poonam Dhillon, Bijoy Anand, Rajat Tokas and Pooja Banerjee.



The show is assumed to set higher benchmarks for the other productions of the period because Ekta Kapoor has been a major player in the industry. Talking about Dil Hi To Hai, Ekta says, “it’s a family show but with the modern touch”. She added that she’s not sure about the reaction of people about her show but she ultimately chose to take the risk. This show is beyond the morals of Indian society. Though it’s a family show it stands out from the conventional shows that we’ve been watching. The show talks about sex education for the younger kids, the boyfriend issues with the teenager, the fathers and sons will smoke and drink together and the rich conversation of any modern family”.


Well, Ekta confesses that she is quite nervous and excited about the reaction of people about the show!