Loneliness, a highly subjective phenomenon, is a psychological mechanism which motivates you to seek out social interaction. It can make the mind feel detached from the rest of the world and people around you. What people fail to understand is that loneliness can be shattering for the person suffering from it.

Recent studies show that loneliness has become a big enough problem that it should be deemed as an “epidemic”. In a world which is now largely dependent on digital interaction, Millennials and Generation Z are found to be the loneliest.
Human beings are considered to be the most social of all creatures. We feel the need to belong, to interact and to confide in our feelings. But being alone and feeling lonely are two different factors. Loneliness can be debilitating; you can be surrounded by hundreds of people and still feel isolated.

Navigating through life can be hard. Here are 5 basic suggestions to guide you through fighting loneliness and enhance your well-being:


1. Avoid comparisons
In this digital age, more and more people seek validation on different social media platforms. Seeing all the “better” people online can make one feel alienated. Don’t determine your self-worth by comparing yourself with others.



2. Seek out human interaction
Don’t be a hermit. Make plans with your friends or even family. Engage with people around you. Even mundane face to face conversations can benefit you.



3. Open up
You know how the saying goes, “Don’t judge the book by its cover.” Don’t be sceptical about interacting with people. Give them a chance. If you enter a social environment expecting to be overlooked, it’s more likely to not find friendly individuals.



4. Hang out with someone with similar interests
Ever heard of “Find your tribe”? Seek out people who enjoy the same activities you do: dancing, painting, cooking, reading, etc. Join clubs where you can meet new people


5. Treat yourself
Remember, self-care is important. If you’ve had a particularly bad day, don’t be too hard on your mind and body. Have a delicious meal or take a bath or spend time with your pet.