According to a survey conducted in 2012 scientists found that Obesity may not be a threat in itself and obese people can live around 3 years longer than that of normal people both men and women. Another study showed that the metabolism of obese people is under a threat of dying from cancer or heart-related issues as their of normal weight people.

A researcher said that if an obese individual is practising consistently and for the most part eating healthy, he will be considered as a healthy individual.

Glenn Gaesser, a professor at Arizona State University said that “if you are exercising regularly, you shouldn’t necessarily be looking at the scale to determine how healthy or fit you are.”




But in terms of strength and endurance, the obese people are way stronger than normal weighted people. A group of athletes participated in multiple competitions, marathons, and distance cycling events. And all of them were obese, with fat making up more than 30 per cent of their body weight, they were really strong and healthy and they had outstanding endurance and were comparable in fitness to fellow athletes of normal weight.

However, some critic scientists believe that ‘Obese people are fit’ theory is not accurate because the health record that revealed the data left out a lot of important topics. The data doesn’t have their sample size, their lifestyle and eating habits and a wide range of diet problems and fitness activity as well.

A small percentage of adults can be considered fit but fat, and that obesity is independently associated with reduced fitness but not everyone could be considered in this list especially the extreme cases. The biggest fear that most well-being scientists have is that if fat is seen as fit, many individuals who are overweight won’t stress over weight pick up and may totally skip exercise and practising good eating habits. This could place them in the hazardous position, making them more prone to health issues.