Hair removal has always been a hassle. Women usually prefer getting waxed or shaving, there are multiple methods to choose from to make hair removal a little less stressful.



Shaving works by cutting off the hair at the skin level. It is painless as long as you are careful with your razor and use shaving cream or conditioner to prevent razor burns or irritation. You can either choose an electric razor or a disposable razor as per your preference. It is the most easily accessible method to use as you can do it whenever you want to.
Shaving is a simple process. Wet the area you want to shave and lather on the shaving cream or conditioner, then wet the razor blade and shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth. However, due to it only removing hair from the skin, the hair tends to grow back rather fast usually in the span of two to three days.



Hair Removal Creams

Hair Removal Creams use chemicals to break down the hair follicles. It is a hassle-free method. You apply the cream for five to ten minutes on the desired area and wipe off the cream along with the hair using a towel when it’s done. The hair grows back slower compared to shaving, keeping the region hairless for almost a week.
Some people may be allergic to the cream or the cream may have a reaction on your skin, so it is always better to do a patch test just to be safe.




Waxing is the preferred method of hair removal for several women because it ensures that the hair doesn’t grow back for at least two weeks. It does hurt a little but it is very effective and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. The wax is applied to your skin and then ripped off using a piece of cloth or paper along with your hair.
Waxing is most effective when the hair is fully grown and can be pulled out in one quick stroke. You can try at home waxing strips as well.




In this technique for hair expulsion, a needle is utilized to convey a short impact of electric current into the hair follicles. It’s said to bring about changeless hair evacuation after only a couple of sessions. Unlike lasers, electrolysis works for any skin or hair type. It does cause a stinging sensation while the process is going on which could be painful depending on your pain threshold.
The process is lengthy and cannot be done at home. It is preferable to get it done on smaller areas, like the face, neck and underarms. Electrolysis is mostly permanent after a number of sessions and the results are amazing.



Laser hair reduction

Laser hair reduction destroys the hair follicle with light. It is said to be permanent and makes it finer than before. With newer technology laser has become much less painful.
Lasers influence hairs that are in the dynamic stage, yet a hair follicle will deliver in excess of one hair at any given moment. It might take a long time for hairs that are as yet developing inside a follicle to be prepared for more laser medicines. This is the reason laser hair decrease is performed in sessions more than a while. Likewise, it’s the most costly approach to dispose of the undesirable body and facial hair.




Epilation can be done at home with ease. You require an electronic device, called the epilator with is battery operated. It removes hair as you move it along the surface of your skin. It is a comparatively inexpensive method as you only need to invest in an epilator.
Epilation is the most effective at-home hair removal method which gives you silky smooth skin. However, it might be painful for some as it pulls out hair strands from the roots. It keeps the hair away for somewhere around two to three weeks depending on your hair growth.

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