We all are different, and even more, we love to stand out from the crowd, don’t we? It is good to follow a trend that may make you look like ‘fashionably updated’ but it is also essential to know whether that trend is suitable for your body type or not.
It is surprising to know that half of the women don’t even know their body type and dress wrongly every day. A simple guide to your body type will make you go from nay to yay.

Broadly, we categorize women into basic 4 body types according to the measurements of their bust, waist and hips. Body types are Banana or Rectangle, Apple or Triangle, Pear or Inverted Triangle and lastly, Hourglass or two inwards triangles. It is important to know what to wear and what to avoid for each of the above body types. Let’s find out!




1. Banana ( or rectangular) Body Type

This body type is famously known as the ‘Supermodel’ body type and usually popular among skinny people. This body type doesn’t have a well-defined waist, and the hip, bust and waist measurements tend to appear the same.
Tube tops and dresses look lovely on this type and highlight the prominent features such as an amazing collarbone. A nice belt will work on highlighting the waist as well but avoid wearing rigid and shapeless clothes!



2. Pear ( or Triangular) Body Type

In this body type, hip measurement is larger than the bust supported by a well-defined waist. It is common among women, and it shows off the curves. If you have a similar body type, it is good to wear dresses that balance out your hip and bust ratio but also highlight your small waist. A-line dresses, halter necks that can make you look busty, push up bras to balance out the ratio would do good. Wearing skirts that set on your waist and flow around your bottom can cover up the broader hips and would also show off your waist BUT avoid wearing pencil skirts or tight low waist pants.




3. Apple (or inverted Triangle) Body Type

If you have broader shoulders and bust than your hips and legs or most of your body fat is concentrated in your upper torso than the lower one, you are most likely to have an Apple body type. This body type may seem complicated to few when it comes to dressing up as it doesn’t have a well-defined waist, but it can look absolutely beautiful if you’re the right kind of outfit! Wear straight fitted cardigans, wrap dresses and blazers to cover the upper torso that may seem problematic to you, avoid wearing tight tops. A cotton shirt or a buttoned-down will also look fine but don’t be shy to wear those pencil skirts because you have some really nice hips and legs to show off!



4. Hourglass ( or two inward triangles) Body Type

This may seem like the most desired body type to women. The hip and bust are nearly the same size but with a tiny waist. Feel lucky if you have this body type, girl! You can carry almost any attire, but it is good to show off your curves. Wear a broad belt over your dresses and shirts to highlight your tiny waist. Pencil skirts, flowy dresses, bodycon, back slits, nearly everything would look good on you! But do avoid wearing shapeless and loose clothes.