Relationships can be really hard sometimes, and it is okay to have some doubts time to time, it is a sign that we actually want to improve and want to work for our fairy tale like relationship. But if those doubts really bother you at times, don’t worry, you can check some signs that may assure you that you are actually in a healthy relationship.

1. You and beau are a team

There is no competition between you, you consider yourself as a team. There are no fixed assigned roles that you two play, in fact, you two understand each other very well and know how to cope up with any situation together. Be it deciding a Netflix series or deciding to have children, you two take decisions jointly as a team.

2. You are basically best friends

You are best friends, you can talk about anything to him without fear. You know he will understand and will probably give the best advice as well, moreover, he is always your go-to person, the first one who gets to hear about all the goodies and the bad news. You tell him everything, even your girly secrets!

3. You don’t ‘fight’, you ‘resolve’

The fights aren’t the fights to win an argument, its good that you two argue, but the argument always lead to a common ground. The arguments are basically you two ‘solving’ the problem instead of a competition. You respect beau’s opinion and he respect yours, he never shun you but rather you two always try to understand each other.

4. You have a sense of security in your relationship

You don’t feel you’re always on the edge, or replaceable. By that we don’t mean you take him for granted, but you don’t feel anxious about what he’s doing and to whom he’s texting or what is he doing in his boys night out. You know your place and he knows his. You respect his ‘personal space’ and you know you don’t have to be clingy.

5. You both make time for each other.

You don’t have to beg him to meet you, you know you are his priority and he will make time for you. ‘Happy couples spend time together’, everyone is busy with their lives, its all about listing your priorities, if you both value each other you will definitely make time to catch up!

6. You don’t hold on to past

He may have made some mistakes, and you have forgiven him, but what is the point of digging up the grave again and again? You two don’t latch on to things that have happened in the past, be it your ex partner or some mistake you may have committed. You let by gone be by gone and move forward in your relationship.

7. You bounce back after a fight

Every fight doesn’t end up with a break up or termination of a relationship, you two fight and you know how to treat a fight just like a ‘fight’. You two know how to bounce back from the trauma and in fact, you two help each other to do so.

8. You accept each other’s flaws

He knows that you are moody and you know he often forgets, which is fine by you two. He doesn’t make a big fuss when you don’t express and you know he make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, and you two understand this and embrace each other’s flaws, like you signed up for this.