Proper nourishment is the one and only key to glowing skin, especially in summers. The long hours of exposure to the sun, the pollution and dust makes the skin dull and dry and that’s not it, the dryness can also lead to other skin-related problems like itchiness and infections. But don’t just run to a store to buy a moisturiser. You have way better moisturisers lying in your kitchen so no need to buy those expensive ones anymore!
Here are all-natural moisturisers for a hydrated and glowing skin:

1. Olive Oil
Whether applied to face or body, olive oil will keep your skin smooth and supple. The natural acids and antioxidants of olive oil create a natural barrier against the harmful rays of the sun. It is good for almost every skin type.

2. Cucumbers
Cucumber isn’t just a healthy addition to your diet, it works wonders on skin too.Simply put slices of cucumber over your eyes or puree it and add a few drops of honey to make a soothing, hydrating mask. It can also reduce wrinkles and make your skin glow.

3. Castor Oil
Castor Oil doesn’t just moisturize skin, it also heals inflamed skin, fights signs of aging, reduces acne, fades blemishes and what not. Castor oil works best when you only use tiny amounts of it.

4. Shea Butter
Shea Butter has Vitamins A & F in it and both of them have many healing properties including treating blemishes, wrinkles, burns and stretch marks.
Note: It should not be used on the face as it is very rich and some people can break out.

5. Coconut Oil
According to Vogue, coconut oil contains a lot of lauric and caprylic acid. These ingredients are known for helping to reduce redness and inflammation, evening out skin tones and helping to squash breakouts. It sinks in quickly and is an excellent moisturiser.

natural coconut walnut oil

6. Honey
Raw honey is naturally anti-bacterial and is a very effective way to get rid of your acnes. It also works as a great cleanser. Put honey on your skin at least three times a week and you’ll have skin that glows without the need of expensive moisturisers.

7. Avocados
The natural oils in avocados goes deep into the skin and softens dry and flaky patches. You can also make a facial mask out of an avocado to get a more youthful glow to your face – Simply mix raw honey, yogurt and avocado and apply it.