Being in a relationship, it gets a little difficult for one to see what’s good for them as you get so invested in the relationship, in your partner. You put up with a lot of shit just because you don’t want to let them go. But, it is okay to accept that a relationship has run its course and that it is time to say goodbye.

Here are 7 signs that your relationship has turned toxic and that you need to break it off:

1. Passive aggression

When in a relationship, you stop being direct with your partner, when you throw shady little glances their way rather than talking about it, it is a clear sign that you have lost that bond, that trust you initially made your relationship on.

2. Jealousy and the blame game

Jealousy is cute and in some way, shows you care. But, excessive jealousy is never okay and is in fact, toxic, to you and to your relationship.

3. Negative energy

The best thing about a relationship is the comfortability and positivity you get by being near your partner and if that is missing and all you can feel is tensed and uncomfortable; that is never a good sign. It is a sign that you guys have negative energy surrounding you which can drain you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

4. You’re not yourself

Changes are normal and they happen but if by being in a relationship, you change so much that you lose yourself, lose who you are, lose what makes you-you; then it is a sign that the relationship is not healthy.

5. Feeling like there is no point

When you start feeling like there is no point to the relationship, that you are staying because you are comfortable and not because you want to be in it, don’t waste your time. Break things off, before you start regretting it.

6. Remembering and living in the beginning instead of looking for the future

Sustaining on memories of how it was in the beginning, how the relationship started and living in those days is not going to help you at all. If you have honeymoon phase in your memories and are fantasizing about it, maybe the relationship is not that good any longer.

7. You are just not happy

What it all boils down to is happiness and if you are not happy any longer, what is the point of all of it? Why torture yourself with something which doesn’t give you the happiness you deserve?

If your partner doesn’t support you, doesn’t make you happy, is it really worth it?