For some of us, wearing makeup every day is a tough task, while for some everyday makeup routine may involve only kajal and lip gloss as they may think doing more than that may be looked as ‘over done’ or cakey. Well, we have got you 5 simple tips for wearing makeup every day without looking like a drag queen!

1. Choose the right eye shadow

Remember, eyes can either make you look terrific or terrible. Choosing the right eye shadow is one of the greatest makeup decision you can make in a day. Its not necessary to match your eye shadow with the colour of your dress, remember you are getting ready for a day look and want to look as natural as possible. It is better to choose shades of brown, nudes or gold for everyday makeup routine. It can make your eyes look bigger and natural.

2. Understand your eye shape for eye lining

We know how much you love those cat eyes and wing eye liners, but it is important to understand your eye shape before putting it. It may or may not suit you. If you’re a fan of wings then see the shape of your eyes, if you have slightly distant eyes i.e. if there a noticeable gap between your two eyes then it is better to avoid huge wings, try the hood eye liner, it is not only trendy but will also make your eyes to appear a bit closer. While you have closer eyes, then its better to stretch those wings. While applying kajal, its better to smudge it than a bold stroke as it can highlight your eye bags. Also, make sure you don’t do bold strokes of eye liner on a daily basis, you don’t want to be a retro queen, do you?

3. Concealer > Foundation

Concealer is way better than a full coverage foundation on a daily basis, and if you have a young skin there is absolutely no need of a full coverage foundation. Cover your acne scars or marks with a concealer instead of a full coverage foundation, as the foundation may give you a cakey look and is difficult to carry in this scorching heat!

4. Don’t forget to blush!

Adding a little blush to your everyday face can pump up your looks and can highlight those apple of your cheeks, making you look youthful. It is better to use a blush on a regular basis that matches your skin than using a highlighter as it can over do a look. Also, if you have dry skin, try using a cream based blush but avoid shimmer at day time. Don’t overdo it, you really don’t want to look like a clown!

5. A little mascara never hurts!

Yes! You can wear mascara on a daily basis, but don’t over do it as it may make your eyes droopy especially if you have small eyes. Wearing a mascara not only make your eyelashes look longer but also make your eyes look bigger. Extra tip: Apply a bit of white translucent powder on your eyelashes before applying mascara!

6. Select the right shade of lipstick

This is a tricky one, you might love those neon pinks and hot reds and maroons but you may not want to wear them everyday especially if it doesn’t match your skin tone. It may divert all the attention from your face to lips. But if you’re a big fan and you don’t want to ditch them, we suggest you to keep your eyes light and simple before going for bold lip shades.