Popularly, ‘First impression is often the last’ but some of us deal with a hard time making a good first impression on others, we often struggle to charm others as it can be a tough task to show your colours at first.

Likability is important if you want to be social around your friends, colleagues, or even family. Since some of us have a difficult time to make us ‘likable’ to people, psychologists have cracked this code that they think people often use to make a good first impression on others. There are simple tricks that you may use if you’re meeting a new date or a colleague:


  1. Use their Names


Because names are a significant part of our identity, people love it when you use their names in conversation. Using the name in between the conversations, make people think that you are putting effort to memorise them and they feel validated. It builds your rapport in front of them as it feels you’re paying attention. So, next time don’t be shy to sneak your crush’s name while conversing with them!



  1. Mimic Behaviour


Instinctively, we tend to like people with whom we can relate. And this urge of finding similarities goes to an extent where we subconsciously like people who even mirror our body language! Crossing your legs when the other person is doing it, lean in if they are leaning in, use hands if they are doing it are some things that you could do. But don’t make it too obvious, as it may make them feel that you’re mocking them. Just mirror the overall tone of their body language.



  1. Ask Questions


When people are talking about something that interests them, it is good for you to ask questions. It makes you look that you’re actually engaging in conversation and finding it interesting as well. It will show as if you are liking the topic as well. It is a good way to carry on a conversation without being a dummy, don’t hesitate to go overboard but yes, ask the appropriate questions.



  1. Be a Good Listener



How are you even going to ask questions if you weren’t even listening in the first place? People like being heard and it helps you to leave a good impression. It is good to listen more rather than blabbering your own stuff if you want them to like you. So, next time you see someone you like being unheard in a group, acknowledge that you are listening to them!



  1. Use Humour


You might have noticed that many speakers open their presentations by cracking a joke or with humour, it lowers our defences. It makes it easy for us to be ready for the fore coming thing. But humour is subjective, so use it appropriately. Many a time, a joke falls flat if it is being forced in a conversation and that will make you look that you’re trying too hard. Find some joke that is relatable to the conversation and make others comfortable as well.



  1. Give emphasis to your similarities


If you want them to like you, find something in common. Opposites only attract in movies, finding something common in people can make them think that you are compatible. Pick something from your background, the places you have been, or the place where you live at, your music taste anything! It will make the conversation to flow easily and will also make you as well as the other person more comfortable while talking.