We all have some bad habits and it is completely okay to ignore them. Nobody can become a health expert and they should not even try to be. But there are some habits that you might have and do it every day, and they leave a huge impact on your health in long-term. What may seem like a no big deal, makes a huge difference if done on a regular basis or it becomes a habit.

‘Anything in excess is poison’ and your little bad habits are no exception here. But what if you don’t even know about them? We are here to help you.

Here are 5 little habits that you might do every day and they have a dangerous impact on your health:


  • Missing few hours of sleep every night

It may not seem like going to go bed a bit late every night, 12:30 am today or 1:00 am the next, hardly matters right? Wrong. While it seemingly feels harmless, skipping a few hours every night does gets add up and it has a longer impact on your health. Experts say even going to bed thirty minutes before than what you are used to do can fix this problem. People on an average get six and a half hours of sleep if they can easily jump to seven to eight hours by following the same. Not having enough sleep can make people fall into anxiety, depression, heart diseases, high blood pressure.. the list goes on. While if you have a healthy sleep cycle, it makes you more productive, better equipped and creative thinkers, sounds good right?



  • Skipping meals














While it is fine to skip meals occasionally or when you don’t feel like eating or hungry, make sure you don’t make this a habit.

If you’re trying to shed some pounds, skipping meals is not an option. Our body is depleted of energy as much as 80 per cent in the morning, and if you don’t grab breakfast your body will store that remaining energy and will not burn calories. That is why breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day.

Grab your breakfast, lunch and dinner; it makes your body to regulate metabolism, muscle mass and prevents hunger between meals. It is good to have a meal in evrry three to four hours as it also fixes your sugar level which controls your cortisol level and eventually your stress.



  • Not drinking enough water












Yes, we know you have heard this a million times now, but hey? You have heard this a million times for a reason. Even the slightest decrease in water level can even cause headaches, dizziness, constipation and even muscle pain in some. So, it is good to drink six to eight glasses of water every day. We are not asking you to chug eight glasses of plain water, the motive is to increase your liquid intake. You can have water, juices, tea etc. in a day to increase it. Liquid intake helps your kidney to filter your blood, and it is good for your skin, weight loss and you also feel energized!



  • Not maintaining a good posture















Not maintaining a good posture can definitely affect your health. It can lead to some serious health issues. Poor posture can give birth to degenerative back and neck problems. You may have heard of Cervical pain or neck pain or maybe suffering from the same, which is the result of poor posture.

Maintaining a good posture is really not an NBD. All you have to do is be careful about your habits. Notice yourself when you’re sitting make sure your shoulders are levelled and you’re not leaning too much, or you’re not slouching when you’re walking.

Also, good posture can boost up your self-esteem! We think it’s worth it!



  • Negative self-talking













We all engage in internal dialogue, commonly known as ‘self-talk’ and unfortunately, most of the time we tend to criticise ourselves rather than being positive and little did you know, that it can actually affect your health.

If you’re on a positive self-talk track you are more likely to have a higher self- esteem and confidence and probably have healthy relationships.

While it is good to criticize yourself, sometimes for self- improvement, research says that constant negative talking decreases serotonin, a chemical which is responsible for your happiness and this increases the chances of depression.

So, it is good to say things like “You got this!”, “ You can do this!” to yourself if you love your health. Remember, self-love is important.