The gorgeous Kareena Kapoor rules over every heart because of her classy look. She is the wife of Nawab of Pataudi and knows how to gracefully handle herself at any occasion. She can nail any interview like a boss and she has been doing the same since childhood. Yes, it’s not just an acquired trait with her perfection but our dear Bebo knows how to handle the interview questions like a pro even when she was ten. This childhood interview of Kareena Kapoor will prove how adorable Kareena Kapoor was when she was just a child like you and me.

She was asked about her favourite actress and this is how the little Kareena answered this question:
“Oh, I simply love Sridevi. And so does Lolo. She’s superb. She’s superb. I love the way she dances and sings. I can do it almost the same. Everyone says that I dance even better than her.”  She has certainly been her personal favourite and believes totally in herself.

Next, she was also asked about her mother Babita and this is how she comically answers this question:  “Oh, she is different. She wore funny hairstyles and clothes. I want to be like Sridevi.”

About studies, Kareena made a surprising revelation about Karisma Kapoor stating she is even stricter than her mother Babita. “Lolo (Karisma) helps me with my homework. Mama’s strict about studies. But Lolo is even stricter. She even spanks me sometimes when I am naughty. But that is because she loves me,” mused the innocent Kareena.
Well, this childhood interview of Kareena does reveal a lot of this Sridevi Fangirl. Isn’t she just adorable in the way she answers all these questions.

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