We are well-known for the word Prostitution. This word is more a taboo as it was earlier. It is the oldest profession practised in the history. But, let me tell you that this profession took changes from time to time. Now today it’s the digital era and we will tell you about the new changes occurred in this profession. Surely, you might be familiar with the word like the auction in your life and you may also have involved in some bid. Have you ever seen any virginity on auction? Astonish! You will be amazed to know that now businesswomen are doing these things as they are putting their virginities on an auction where the highest bidder will it.
Let’s have a look at the Most Expensive Virginities sold in World History till date:
No.5 Alina Percea ($14,900)
Alina, a Romanian Teen sold her virginity via web auction in 2009. She sold her virginity to pay the fee for her computing degree. The winner of that bid was 45-year-old Italian Businessman was who later flew her to Venice in Italy to made the deal in a 5-star hotel.
No.4 Shatuniha ($27,950)
She gave a statement that she requires money urgently so, she is going to sell the most precious thing to her and that is virginity. She wrote on her had, “I have no bad habits and I am nice looking”. New Not Used line in the ad got her a deal to sell her virginity to 900,000 roubles that are around $27,950.
No. 3 Elizabeth Raine ($801,000)

Raine sold her virginity on a well-designed auction website that is linked to a PR company who was managing her bids. It is one of the most expensive virginities sold to date. The girl also mentioned some terms and conditions for the buyer of her virginity. She wrote on the website that this deal is regarding sex only no love relation is involved in this and this deal means it is an insertion of a penis into the vagina. You will also be amazed to know that the girl donates 35% of his from the auction for the education of women in developing countries.
No.2 Raffaella Fico ($1.3916 million)

Raffaella claimed that she has got ONE MILLION EUROS after selling her virginity. She was an Italian model who sold her virginity in 2008. She also told that she is little embarrassed but, this money will surely fulfil her dreams. It is one of the most expensive virginities sold to date.
No.1 Catarina Migliorini ($1.5 Million)
This 21-year-old Brazilian Model has topped the chart. She has reached a level where no one has reached. It is one of the most expensive virginities sold to date.She also faced some tragedy while selling her virginity. Firstly she got $780,000 for her virginity but, this Japanese bidder withdrew after some time. Again in the second round, she was holding an offer for $480,000 against which she considered an offer of $1.5 Million from an Arab Millionaire for marriage.
So this was all details, hope you all have enjoyed this article! Well, this business is increasing day by day though it is not legal.

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