There can never be two winners in a game. While one loses it, the other one wins it. And that’s exactly what happened in the popular reality show, Bigg Boss 11 when Shilpa Shinde’s win over Hina Khan was declared on Sunday.
While Hina Khan gracefully accepted her defeat and congratulated Shilpa Shinde over her win, but her fans just couldn’t handle it. Viewers in large numbers went ahead to accuse the channel of being biased. While there were some who said that the results were fixed, there were others who claimed the results to be unfair.

Even before Shilpa was officially announced as the winner of Bigg Boss 11, rumours of Shilpa winning the show started doing the rounds on the internet. As soon as these rumours went viral, Hina Khan’s supporters started expressing their disappointment on Twitter. And within no time, #FixedWinnerShilpaShinde became one of the top trends in India.

While one of the supporters went ahead to say, “Shilpa Shinde you have to thnx #HinaKhan only bcoz of @eyehinakhan you won 44 lacs. Hina Mam According to votes You are the winner but We can’t change the #FixedWinnerShilpa .We tried alot Sorry Hina Mam #BB11Finale,” another said, “This is so sad. Shilpa Shinde got less votes than Hina Khan in voting so they did this “live voting” crap to make a fool out of public. Many people weren’t even able to vote. #FixedWinnerShilpa  #BB11Finale”
Scroll down and see how Hina Khan’s supporters reacted after she lost it against Shilpa:

Well, we can completely understand that it would have been difficult for Hina Khan’s fans to accept that she didn’t win the show. But coming out in open and calling the show biased without any solid proof is not right. Even the Bigg Boss 11 first runner-up, Hina Khan accepted Shilpa’s victory and said that every contestant is a winner as they equally struggled inside the house for survival.
What do you have to say about the same? Do you think that the show was fixed? Share your views in the comment section.

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