There Are Seven Types of Boobs In The World?
Have you ever heard about the types of Boobs? Boys, take it as fantasy… After a long time, the research has revealed about the types of boobs in the world. Yes, you are hearing correct but there is a big question regarding this, how much is this correct? Boobs are considered to be the most attractive parts that everyone wonders about its shapes and sizes. According to one of the lingerie company, they had created a chart of woman boobs and it’s of seven types. They also declared that in addition to the cup size you must have to consider how your boob swings. Uh-huh really interesting.
Let’s have a look at these seven types of Boobs in the world according to the company one by one:
Bell-Shaped Boobs

This type has got the top position on the chart. They are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom.

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