he very charming and talented Ameesha Patel is one of those actors who started their careers with a superhit film. Remember the fad when Kaho Na Pyaar Hai (2000) released? It was the biggest film of that year! The film till date remains a cult movie and relishes much love. Both Hrithik and Ameesha became superstars with the very first film and bagged all the debutant awards! Their future already appeared very bright!

Her next flick, Gadar (2001) was even bigger superhit! She played her role with utmost perfection and delivered a terrific performance. She had a hat-trick when her subsequent film Humraaz(2002) also performed exceptionally good on box office! But success didn’t last long in Ameesha’s film career.

After delivering 3 back to back magnum superhits, Ameesha’s career hit a rock bottom that she couldn’t deliver a single hit film post Humraaz.

She kept receiving film offers but after massive failure rate, filmmakers stopped approaching her. While she was dealing with professional collapse, acutely disturbed personal life added to her lows. She apparently had a serious spat with her parents and accused her father for seizing her money worth 12 crores. She even accepted it on public medium that her mother beat her with footwear and threw her out of the house. Presently, a case is going on between Ameesha and her parents for the property.

Cut to now, she is yet another forgotten celebrity who is seldom seen on screen. She is trying her best to make a  comeback but filmmakers consider her eligible only for side roles. Even though Ameesha is not active in films but she is often spotted at majority of the Bollywood parties where she clicks ample of selfies with B-town biggies and then shows off on social media. It also looks like that the diva now takes cue of alcohol to beat the sheer loneliness and disappointment in life. Even in the parties, she ends up totally sloshed!

Much difficult life, she had! As the diva hits fabulous 40’s today, we wish her a very happy birthday! May all get well soon in her life. She indeed deserves a second chance!
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