As the season is coming to its end, it is becoming really hard to guess that who will be winning the show. We cannot see any end to the twists and turns of the show. Every day there is a new gossip of the show, and it has just become next to impossible to predict where the show will take us.
In the recent episode, the Bigg Boss 11 team decided to expose this week’s nominated contestants to live voting. This weeks nominated contestants were-Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde and Luv Tyagi.  The contestants had to appeal to the fans, on ground to save them from elimination.

The event took place in Vashi mall, where there were thousands of fans gathered to vote for their favourite contestant. Last year Mannu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar faced live voting but, as compared to last year, this time the crowd was over enthusiastic and was huge in number.
But the event proved to be a danger zone for Hina Khan. The four inmates were kept in a life-size jail, where the fans got over excited after watching them. The over enthusiast fans got out of control, and some of the even crossed the barricades. And in all this while, someone intentionally misbehaved with Hina Khan, and pulled her hair (not even once but twice).
Check out video here-

And it was Vikas, who rescued her the second time from the crowd. Whereas Shilpa on the other hand, was just busy waving hands with the fans.

That’s simply not acceptable!! Misbehaving with someone and that too so badly is just so shocking. Let’s see where the show will take us. Stay tuned for more such Bigg Boss 11 updates.

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