By now, all the followers of Bigg Boss season 11 show about Priyank Sharma and his ex-girlfriend Divya Agarwal. Priyank Sharma who rose to fame with the show Splitsvilla was much in love with his partner from the show, Divya Agarwal. The two were dating each other for long. Divya was also seen inside the Bigg Boss house during the statue task where she was seen telling Priyank that she doesn’t wish to stay with him any longer and he has disappointed all their fans. Divya also shared that she is disappointed for the fact that he never even took his name as his girlfriend in front of his housemates. When the task got over, Priyank was seen running and crying for her. Later, he told everyone that they parted ways long time back and he has no clue why she said all the things.

Apparently, Priyank was seen close to his co-contestant Benafsha on the show and it looked like that is what hurt Divya and she broke up with him. But Priyank always said that he and Benafsha are really good friends and there is nothing else between them. Priyank was also seen talking about another girlfriend of him to the housemates. Divya further got really hurt by his statement and she wrote an emotional open letter on her social media handle.
Meanwhile, she was once again asked about her breakup with Priyank and here is what she said, “There are people who still believe we are together. It does not make a difference to the fans. It is hard for me to handle people who love us together. There were questions raised on my trust issues and his loyalty issues but you see, I can never prove them wrong because they are not.I myself am a big fan of Divyank and was hoping to work together on many other platforms but anyway.” On being asked if she would date Priyank again, she said, “No, no that is absolutely a big no.”

Well, looks like Divyank is officially over! Really disheartening to see this couple parting ways like this. Priyank is out of the Bigg Boss house for a long time now but he hasn’t been seen talking about Divya anywhere. Let’s wait and see if he has anything to say!

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