Life of a woman is considered to be full of a lot’s of problems. There are certain reasons of having a problem. Some reasons might be obvious and some may be in obscure. Let’s discuss one of the major awkward moments faced by almost every woman. Do you know we are talking about awkward moment b00bs is something which cannot be really escape. This is not bad but, the situation women faces in that circumstances is awkward. We think that the pain of a situation is not easy to understand for all of us, it can only be understand by them. If talking on the issue seriously we can say the woman with bigger boobs faces lots of problems few examples are Tight clothes, running and many more.

Have a look at the list of some awkward moments every woman faces every day. Have a look at them one by one:

Waxing is a process through woman faces lots of pain. And when they leave pimples or rashes at places such, you can’t help but curse everything.

Padded bras are also some kind of scams and you are really unaware that exactly is hidden underneath.

Running with bigger boobs is the biggest problem.

We think bigger breasts are always a center of attraction. People will always notice it in a different way.

Strapless tops can bring tonnes of awkward moments for any woman.

Those having big bust will always face a problem of sleeping. As they are not comfortable by sleeping lying down their stomach.

The gap of a shirt due to big boobs is something that can’t be hidden.

The bigger breast women always have the mentality to hide their bra as they want to hide their size.

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