Rahul Dravid aka ‘The Wall’ undeniably is one of the most legendary batsman cricket world has ever witnessed. Known for his down to earth nature and humbleness in real life, Dravid is admired by masses from the heart cores. As he celebrates his 44th birthday today, we bring to you a few real incidents from Dravid’s life, which prove he indeed is a legendary superhero beyond cricket field too.

Wish Granter: A young cancer patient wanted to meet his idol, Rahul Dravid. Dravid fulfilled his wish by talking to him on Skype for an hour and personally apologized for not being able to meet him personally.

 A Constant Improver: While we always end ourselves complaining about anything and everything, Dravid doesn’t believe in complaining. His wife, Vijeeta Dravid one told this about him in an interview, “He believes you cannot complain about anything because there is no end to complaining. And he knows there is no end to improving either.”

A Genuine Helper: There is a reason he relishes immense respect from his fellow cricketers. Always ready to help his fellow cricketers, he once wrote a letter to Kevin Pieterson while he was struggling to play spinners. In the letter, he explained how to tackle spin in very detail.

While the world was busy doing ice bucket challenge, Rahul Dravid was busy donating blood to the needy patients in Bangalore. In the times when a celeb calls media even when they rescue an ant, Dravid prefers to stay away from media, glam and glitz.

Still Grateful To His Oldies: His childhood club direly needed a victory in order to not get demoted to lower division. The head coach of the club requested him to play for the team to which Dravid agreed. He played for the team with merely 20 spectators at the venue, won the match and never made a fuss about to play for a low-level match.

A Complete Family Man: He never compromises his family time for family is his top priority. He was once supposed to do a series preview in Bangalore but he arrived late during the late afternoon. When asked, he said, “Actually it’s my kids man. I like picking them up. So the younger one gets done at 1 and the older one gets done later on. So I like picking them both up whenever I’m in town and spend some time with them.”He even politely refused to coach the Indian National Cricket Team citing family commitment as the reason. But he believed that senior team will get many people to play the coach role, the junior team needed more attention. Thus he coaches the National Under-19 cricket team of India.

A Visionary:  As a part of Rahul Dravid Athlete Mentorship Programme, he mentors India’s future Olympians and Paralympians.

No wonders, people close to him never fall short of words to praise him from the heart. Brett Lee once said, “If you can’t get along with Dravid, you are struggling in life.”

Happiest Birthday Sir! Much Love and Respect!

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