We all have some very good memories from our college. And some memorable personalities that we never forget to talk about!! There have been many students in our college that were just so much like some Bollywood movie character. And we are sure that at some or the other time of your college life, these characters have definitely hit your list.
The self-obsessed diva
Woah!! Look who’s on the top list?? Remember Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham? Of course, no one can forget her character-miss self-obsessed!!

Her character was all about herself and yes, the mirrors!! We are sure, that even you have come across Miss.Poo of your college!!
The geek
Have you ever come across a person who was always busy reading books?? Even on vacations?

So basically, we are talking about Naina, the Yeh Jawani hai Diwani geek, who finally learnt to live life for herself.
The Flirt
This one is found everywhere we go!! Mr.Flirty, who is always around you to impress you!! The stalker is just like ‘Seenu’ from Main Tera Hero.

The one jo ‘naa ko bhi haan manta hai’.
The Tomboy
She is not at a fashionista, neither a trend setter!! She is just what she wants to be!! This personality suits perfectly with Anjali, from the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Anjali, who played the role of tomboy in the movie, is loved by many fans.

She is not at all artificial, and way too natural for the society to accept her boyish looks!!
Miss brand Conscious!!
OH!! This one might have irritated you some days, but she is just like this!! She won’t buy a thing until and unless it reads the tag of GUCCI!! Obviously, she is ‘Shanaya’ of your college!! Only brands speak for her!!

Weather it is her stilettos or her one piece, all of it should be branded, or else you are out of her list!!
Clown of your class
Aww this one is the poor soul of the class!! He is just so sweet and innocent that he always becomes the butt of all jokes!! He has a personality just like Percy from Main Hoon Na!

Even he was a super sweet soul, and was always made fun of by others.

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