A small tea bag is a perfect source of antioxidants which can help in recharging you to start your day with full energy. Usually, we use and then throw the tea bag into the dustbin but do you know it still can be reused in several useful ways. Scroll down to find out how to use those used tea bags.

If you feel that your shoes stink then the used tea bag would help you to remove the odour. You must be thinking how? Well, keep the used tea bag inside your shoes (make sure you wet them before inserting them into your shoes) overnight and you will see the magic next day for sure.

Watering plants is a very common activity but have you ever fed your plants? If no, then you can do it with the help of a used tea bag. The used tea leaves work as a fertilizer for the soil. What you have to do is just take those used tea bags and take the tea leaves out of it and add it to the top layer of the soil. This way you will actually feed your plants and help them to grow better.

You must have heard about so many flavoring agents such as vanilla, orange zest and many more. But you will be stunned to know that used tea bags are the best flavoring agent for some of your favorite dishes. You may guess it right that you can flavor the rice and pasta with the help of used tea bag. The process is very simple, put those used tea bags into the boiling water and let it boil for a while and take it out before adding pasta or rice to it so that it can soak the flavor.

Antioxidants are very important for our skin as well. What you can do is dip the used tea bags into the water for some time and use that water to bath. It will help you to remove dead skin and body odour and most importantly will provide antioxidants to your skin.

Have you ever thought of making room freshener on your own? Well, you can do it at your home very easily. Take those used tea bags and add few drops of your favorite essential oil and hang it in your room or outside of your house. It will work as an effective and awesome freshener.

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