Whether you have any New Year resolution or not after reading this article, you will have this one for sure. Are you facing overweight issues? Do you feel lazy? Do you feel lack of confidence in you? Well, there is an effective solution to all your problems.  Do you want to know what?
It is Yoga! Believe it or not but it is an effective way to lead a happy and healthy life. Yoga is an art which people have been following for decades. Every year we celebrate International Yoga Day on 21st June. It is a worth taking step to make people aware of this internationally active practice.
Let’s find out some yoga asanas which can help you to lose your weight and gain more confidence in you to remain fit and fine. You can perform these asanas at your home, gym, park or any other place which suits you and gives you the feeling of relaxation. Scroll down and take a look:

It is one of the most common asanas in yoga. It is basically done to give respect to the sun. It consists of 12 different postures which help you to get more strength, tones your muscles, makes you more flexible and also helps you to lose your weight effectively. It is always done in the beginning because it acts as a warm-up before you move on to next yoga asanas.

A Boat Pose also known as Naukasana, is very effective to make your belly flat. This particular asana would require you a yoga matte because this can be only done after lying down straight on yoga matte. This asanas tones your leg muscles and gives strength to your legs. It is very useful for a hernia but the patient suffering from asthma and heart problem should avoid this asana.
Badhakonasana, also known as Butterfly pose is another effective pose to lose your lower body weight. If you are the one who stands and walks for a long time in a day then this asana can help you to remove fatigue and will make you feel fresh. Basically, this pose helps you relax your lower body and helps to open your inner thighs.
Matsya Asana:

Matsya means fish and Asana means pose. It is good asana if you wish to lose your weight permanently. It is one of the easy poses in yoga to do but at the same time, it needs proper guidance. It is very good to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders and also provides relief from respiratory disorders. This pose can be done by lying down on a yoga matte.
Cobra Pose:
This pose is also known as Bhujangasana which helps you strengthen the entire back and shoulders, improves blood circulation and flexibility of the upper and middle back, reduces fatigue and stress and burns belly fat.
All the above yoga poses give you so many benefits and can help you to lose weight faster. So what are you waiting for? Go, Get Started!

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