Marriage is very important part of life for both boy and girl. After having a grand ceremony and different functions it comes the turn of the Wedding night. A wedding is the most interesting part of marriage. It displays the sexy part of life for both bride and groom. If we are not wrong the bride outfit is very much responsible to make the night fierce. As a bride, if you are getting confused what to wear on a special night than this article is definitely for you.
Check out some hot and sexy dresses to be worn on your first night to make it special:

To make your groom hot on the occasion

Angel body wear to gear up the heat

Make fun ultimate

Lingerie Briefs

Fun with fashion

If you are fond of special design lingerie than your wait is over!

The extra transparent lingerie for extra fun lovers.

The blue designer lingerie
Such a sweet and sexy idea. Your groom will be thrilled to unwrap the best wedding present of all – you! This idea would be particularly good if your dress includes a blow on the back as well.

Isn’t you think the uncovered curves will impress him more?
Too Hot to Handle

Fun is empty without the laces lingerie

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