Know the shape of your breasts and see what it says about your personality:
Lemon Shaped

Those who fall under this category are the ones who do not comply with societal norms. They always stand out from the crowd and their thoughts and attitude are always opposed by others as they choose to differ. They are not really a social person as they like being by themselves most of the times. They are emotionally intelligent and that’s the best thing about them. They are definitely a pro at balancing things in their lives.
Papaya Shaped

Those who fall under this category are strong-willed and have an independent personality. They are believed to be goal oriented. They make the best leaders. They don’t run away from their responsibilities and believe in doing them on their own instead of depending on someone else to do it. They are calm and composed in nature and that’s one thing that helps them achieve everything that they dream of.
Apple Shaped

Those who fall under this category are told to be adventurous in their lives. They are very spontaneous and definitely know how to grab attention. They are believed to be irresistibly charming. They possess an outgoing personality which may not be liked by some but others find it likeable. They don’t get influenced by people and their opinions and believe in having their own point of view. They love to explore new things in life and don’t wish to stick to one thing all their lives.
Pear Shaped

Those who possess pear-shaped breasts are told to have a strong personality. They are very positive about their life. Before understanding anyone else, they believe in understanding themselves first. For them, they are their first priority and they can do anything to work improve upon themselves. They are very sensuous and can easily attract anyone with their good looks. They can also prove to be very dominating to their partners as they are independent and have a strong mind.
Cherry Shaped

Those who fall under this category are too passionate in their lives. They are focused and only work to achieve their goals. They are very quick at making decisions and are very confident about what they are doing in life. They are fun-filled and people love to hang out with them. Whatever they do, they do it with great energy. They make the best entertainers and very well know how to kill monotony.
Melon Shaped

Those who fall under this category don’t know how to say no. They don’t mind walking an extra mile and can even go out of their way to help someone whom they consider as important in their life. They are very giving in nature. They are too kind and that’s both good and bad quality in them. Good because they don’t harm anyone, bad because people often take advantage of their kind nature and are nowhere to be seen when they need them.
Mango Shaped

Those who fall under this category are too dependable on their partners. They are very mysterious in actual life. They don’t disclose their inner feelings to those whom they don’t trust enough. This is why their friends and family feel safe to tell them their darkest secrets as they don’t go on telling it to anyone and everyone. They are very particular about things in their life and have set their standards high. If things don’t work according to their standards, they don’t mind revolting against it.
Orange shaped

Those who fall under this category are good observers. They pay close attention to everything that is happening around them. They easily get to know whether a person is lying to them or not. They may often be misunderstood for judging people even when they are only observing them. They have a golden heart and are good at giving honest advice.

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