A woman is considered as the most precious gift given by God to man. Man tries every effort to make his woman happy. Husbands try their best to make their wives happy and boys try to make their girlfriends happy. To fulfil all needs in relationship man starts behaving vulgar with their partners. But, it doesn’t act as a perfect scenario in all cases. It might hurt your relationship as some girls do not like the boys who either talk or behave vulgarly with them.

The ladies like the men with clean and good nature and character. They feel captivated when they find their man satisfying her in a good way. They like touching but not on private parts but in fact on some of the places that we are going to describe here. Let’s read this article and find out, which place your partner likes to be touch with you.
Forehead:  Girls are passionate about touch and kiss on their foreheads, though they want their boys to touch and kiss them on their foreheads. Girl feels free from strain, tension and fatigue if a kisses him on the forehead.
Back of Neck: Men often neglect the neck of women and that too on the backside. In ancient Japan, people mostly concentrated on the neck’s back part of their ladies and the ladies loved that activity. Today, boys ignore that body-part. You should consider adopting the ancient tradition of Japanese of looking on the backside of girl’s neck.
Back: Ladies like to be touched by men on their back. This gives them feeling that their men care about them and they will take care of them.
Collar-bone: This is one other part that girls like their boys to touch it.

Hands Palms: Girls wants their men to touch and kiss on their hands and if you will do that frequently she will appreciate that.
Feet: You should consider kissing the feet of your women. Ladies find it very interesting when men fall into their feet and put their feet on their heads. So, if you want to impress the girl then fall to their feet.
Ears: This is regarded as one most romantic way of showing your love. Gently take the ears of your loved ones in your mouth and gently bite it.

Thighs: Touch the thighs of ladies without touching any other part.
Behind knees: Touch and make her feel loved by touching her behind her knees.
Hope these details will help you a lot in finding your best touch with your loved ones.

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