After meeting their loved ones inside the Bigg Boss house earlier in the game, the contestants again have an opportunity to meet them and that too inside the house. But this time, the only difference is that they will have to earn that meeting by impressing them with their individual performance.
In the promo of the next episode, the friends and family members of the inmates were seen joining in as padosis in the show. Entering the padosi house were Vikas Gupta’s mom, Shilpa Shinde’s brother, Puneesh’s girlfriend, Bandgi Kalra, Hina’s boyfriend, Rocky Jaiswal, Akash Dadlani’s mom and Priyank Sharma’s mom. When Bigg Boss announced them about it and showed them a clip of their loved ones entering the house, the contestants got too emotional. Priyank and Luv simply couldn’t control their tears on seeing their mothers. Puneesh too expressed how he was lately missing Bandgi so much.

While we were wondering what would happen next, Colors published another video related to the next luxury budget task on their official Twitter account. In the video, it was seen that the contestants were asked to complete a couple of tasks to impress the padosis (all the contestants’ relatives) so that they could get the opportunity to meet their close ones. And as a part of the first task, contestants were provided with a basket full of ingredients, to cook a dish for the padosis. After the contestants were done cooking, their dishes were provided to the padosis to taste and once they had tasted all the dishes they were to decide unanimously about who amongst all the contestants made the best dish.

But taking this unanimous decision wasn’t easy since each padosi wanted to support the one contestant whom they were representing in the house. And because choosing them all wasn’t possible, they all came up with a decision that they would not choose the contestants that they were related to. This way it got easier for them to select a winner.
To get more clarity on the same take a look at the video:

Well, we are still clueless about who did the Padosis chose as the winner and to discover about the same we will have to watch the upcoming episode.
It seems that the real game has just got started. Let us see what all tasks will the contestants be asked to perform for their padosis. And there’s a possibility this time that the one who wins these tasks, will not only get the opportunity to meet his or her family member but also get a ticket to the finale. What do you think? Share your views in the comment section and keep checking this space for more such updates.

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