After Hiten Tejwani’s shocking eviction from the house, there’s a lot that is lined up for this week. And just like every week, this week too one contestant will manage to become the vamp of the house. As per the recent trending updates on Bigg Boss 11, it is being speculated that the Bigg Boss house will have Akash Dadlani as the villain this week.

Akash Dadlani has been repeatedly warned by Bigg Boss and the housemates for not abiding by the rules and sleeping for extra hours. But even after getting reprimanded for the same so many times, the young contestant doesn’t seem to change his ways. It looks like that the contestant dozes off at almost any point of time which has now has enraged the Bigg Boss. And to teach him a lesson, Bigg Boss will ask him in the next episode to sleep on a “mat” and order other contestants to not give him anything to eat till the next command.

In the latest video shared by Colors on Twitter, Hina was seen making an announcement about how the housemates are not taking the rules of the house seriously and breaking them every now and then. She mentioned that Akash was caught sleeping in the house during odd-timings in the previous week. She further added that he was doing it all intentionally and by doing this he has not only broken the rules of the house but also disregarded the show.

Just when Hina finished, Akash started to say that even Shilpa was sleeping today. The housemates then lashed out at him and asked him not to disrespect the show and abide by the rules. But Akash didn’t bother to listen and rather went ahead to say that he would do what he feels like doing.

Hina explained how his behavior will end up making them suffer in the next luxury budget and they won’t get anything to eat. Even Puneesh tried to get things fixed in his head and said that he needs to respect the show. But the stubborn boy completely ignored what they said. And that’s not all, he even went ahead to break more rules and started making chapatis for himself, which he was not allowed to eat until the next command by the Bigg Boss. When Vikas and Shilpa saw him cooking, they explained how he was doing it all for footage.

Instead of feeling sorry about it, Akash rather went ahead saying that he will continue doing it and even claimed that he is a bad boy for life.

Take a look at the video, and see what’s going to happen next:

Well, Akash is being too shameless this time. But if he continues to do this, he won’t survive in the game for long. Also, since he’ll be nominated with seven other contestants this time, it will definitely be tough for him to get through it this time without getting evicted. What do you have to say about the same? Share your views in the comment section and keep reading this space for more updates!

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