Sex, a thing about which people still finds awkward in talking openly. While having sex on the regular basis can turn very beneficial in terms of pleasure and health benefits too. Also, lack of sex can leave you with various health issues. Well, we have heard many times about the benefits of having it. It is regarded as best for physique as it helps burn calories, enhance one’s mood, works wonders in terms of skin and hair etc. Also, regular sex ensures you have a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks.

The benefits are in a row but, somehow people are not much aware of the negative impacts that can hamper human body by not having regular sex. It is regarded quite a vicious cycle actually. The less sex you have, the less your body wants to. As per studies, when you don’t have enough sex, your body doesn’t produce the necessary hormones to make you want to have it. That probably explains why it’s difficult for a lot of people to break their dry spell!

Here are the 9 health issues of which you are at a risk if you don’t have enough sex:

Common Cold & Flu

Having regular sex enables to produce various antibodies that help strengthen your immune system helping you fight allergic reactions, cold and flu.

Increased Pain During PMS

Balancing out the testosterone and estrogen levels in the body, sex works at keeping the hormonal level in the body. And when women go without sex for a long period, excessive estrogen doesn’t get used, resulting in excessively painful cramps during their period.

Risk of High Blood Pressure

Since sex is considered to reduce the stress so, lack of sex could make an adverse effect and it can result in an increase in blood pressure or hypertension.

Prostate Cancer

According to different studies, it is proved that men who are sexually-active have the fewer chances of developing cancer in their prostate gland. This is because when men ejaculate, they end up emptying out particularly harmful particles from their prostate.

Stress & Anxiety

Men perform different exercises to release endorphins (happy hormones) and oxytocin to deal with the situation of overwhelming. Alike exercises sex also do the same work in terms of hormones. And if you are not performing proper sex the risk of suffering from excessive anxiety increases.

Lack Of Sleep

According to the studies, the release of prolactin hormone (that aide’s sleep) takes place at the time of having sex so it’s difficult to sleep easily for the persons not performing proper sex.

Weakened Bladder

As you’d already know, having sex is the best workout for your kegel muscles, the ones that aid your bladder in holding onto pee. And studies show that when you’re not having regular sex unless you’re regularly doing other kegel exercises, you’d be rushing to the toilet way too often.

Erectile Dysfunction

Multiple studies have proved that men who go long periods without sexual intercourse are most likely to develop erectile dysfunction. The reason behind is that penis doesn’t get regular erections due to lack of having regular sex and the muscles get slow down and weaken.

Weakened Vaginal Walls

Increased sexual activity boosts blood flow in a woman’s vagina and when she doesn’t have enough sex, the tissues of the vaginal walls dry out and weaken, making it lose and thin.

Save yourself from these issues and have more sex!

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