Almost every girl is fond of weddings!! And if it is about her own wedding ceremony, then they simply can’t miss upon anything!! They try to figure out every possible thing that is need to be done before the wedding date. The most important part of a wedding is the wedding night!!

Girls you need to be all geared up for your wedding night!! So just grab on these 7 things which every bride should know before her wedding night-

Past has gone!! Leave it behind!!

Marriage is something where you give name to a new beginning, a new relationship. You simply don’t have to spoil your fresh present and bright future, so don’t just bring your past in between.

Whatever happened has happened, nothing is going to reverse the world for you. The only thing you have now is your newly started wedding life.

Hurrying up is not the solution. Go slow!!

Things can go wrong if you try to run with things. So, don’t hurry upon things and just try to go little slow and steady. You are going to be extremely nervous, but you cannot mess upon things. Time is all yours, be calm and go step by step.

First night can be little awkward, be prepared!!

Things can surely get a little awkward on your first night. So be prepared for it.

No matter how close you will be to your husband, your heavy lehenga or the first touch-anything can make it little awkward for you!! But don’t worry as this is totally normal!!

It is not going to be a perfect one!!

Your night may not be a perfect one like you have always seen in movies, but you can make a special one if you wish to!! You should remember one thing that things can go according to you if you try to do so.

You can even try to surprise your better half by making a candle light scenario in the room or may b by just going into a deep conversation.

Communication is must!!

If you don’t want things to go awkward then surely communication is one solution to your problem. If you try to communicate on your wedding night, and try to figure out how the night should proceed. Then your wedding night can be really awesome!!

Make sure your outfit is comfortable!!

Your outfit plays a vital role. The wedding lehenga is usually very heavy and uncomfortable, and wearing it for the whole evening already makes you little clumsy.

And if you don’t want your lehenga to be a barrier between you and your husband, then make sure u carry an extra outfit along with you. But if you wish to spend the night in your wedding outfit then keep in mind the lingerie you are wearing should be comfortable, and you should be confident about it.

First night is not only about sex!! Think beyond it!!

Girls this is high time to break all the myths you have in your mind. First night is not all about sex!! Seriously it is not!! There is a lot more in it beyond sex.

From making love to discussing honeymoon plans. So just don’t limit yourself to one thing!!

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