When it comes to knowing more about a woman’s private body parts, especially their boobs, men are always too curious. They would do anything and everything to know it all. But even after putting in so much effort and wasting a lot of time on the internet researching about it, they fail to know a lot of things that they should.
Here is a list of things related to boobs that only women are aware of but they really wish their guys to know, without them telling about it. Scroll down and know your girl’s darkest secrets:

  • After a long tiring day, the only thing that we like to do is take off the bra and set them free. Like us, our tities too demand some breathing space.

  • We might not say it too often but we love it how you play with our perky pair of bouncy balls and massage them with your soft hands. Next time, don’t forget to pay more attention to it.


  • You wouldn’t have noticed it but one is bigger than the other. So, if by chance we have ever told you that the two are same in size then that was probably a big fat lie.

  • Those pretty and lacy bras that we often wear may seem too impressive and pretty on us, but there is hardly anything that these can do when it comes to giving good support to our bulging boobs.

  • Don’t feel surprised when we tell you that we check out other women’s tits more than you do. After all, we need to know who our competition is.

  • Our Nipples have a mind of their own. Yes, you read that right! We don’t understand whether we’re cold or we just get too horny after seeing you. At times, our nipples just react as they please.

  • You might have heard of Good hair days. But have you ever heard of Good boobs days? They are definitely more special for us than any other occasion in this world.

  • Nipple-flicking may seem like a great game changer for you but it simply doesn’t make us feel aroused. A gentle touch is still a better option to make us quiver.

  • When we are on our period, these squishy balls hurt so much that even if you’ll handle them with care and lightly grab them in your hands, we’ll scream and kick you on face.

  • This may sound hilarious but it is true that some of us hold our tits in our hands when we run down the stairs because we feel that our bra is too old to give them enough support.

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