The masculine notion that women need only money, is gaining relevance for a reason. Those representatives of the fair sex who seek love, strongly refute this opinion. However, its widespread in the modern world is not groundless.
The mercantile nature of a woman is quite a common phenomenon, which almost all men would like to avoid in their life. How can you understand that a woman needs only money from you and how to avoid a gold digger?

So what is a gold digger? A mercantile woman can be met anywhere and anytime. But mostly, such representatives of the fair sex go hunting for wealthy men in certain places of the representative class, where there is more likelihood that she will not waste time in vain. It can be restaurants, nightclubs, and casinos of a certain level. So if you want to avoid such women, begin by changing your venue and being attentive while seeking pretty girls online.
Let’s try to consider the signs of a mercantile woman who is looking for her husband with money and in dreams visualizes his purse. A man can avoid the possibility of dealing with a lady of this type, if, of course, he will be able to recognize her prudence at the beginning of communication. How does one identify a woman that needs only money? Here are some tips for identifying and avoiding gold diggers.

1. She is a materialist. This can be understood right away. Such girls adore branded things, all kinds of luxury things, expensive gifts. They are so fond of them that they themselves do not notice how much they talk about these things.
2. On a date, she orders the most expensive drinks and food. Smart girl on the first date will not rely on your fat purse, and most women, in general, have a certain amount of money with them just in case. For them, in the first place is the communication with you, but the mercantile woman greedily eats at the menu in search of the most exotic cocktail or extravagant dish.
3. Her inner world is too poor. This is despite the external luxury she constantly wears that strikes the eye. Meaning to talk with a woman who only needs money is quite hard, there is practically nothing to talk about. She is not interested in spiritual things. She does not think about realizing her own personality. About feelings, she speaks dryly and indistinctly, and all because the mercantile nature of a woman turns into a value that can be decorated only externally.
4. She asks a lot about your financial condition. Questions about your apartment, car and the general level of financial security you have, these are questions a mercantile person will be asking. It is likely that she will ask about these things somewhat veiled. Then try to watch what you have to tell. If there is too much time in your communication being spent talking about material things, it means that is all they care about.
5. At the mention of dreams and goals, she talks about an expensive vacation. A woman who knows how to love, as a rule, doesn’t make these kinds of things her priority. She has more important dreams: a loving spouse, children, personal self-realization and those things that are important to the soul. Diamonds, expensive cars, vacations in exotic countries and life in mansions – this is a top priority for mercantile and calculating girls who need such husbands who were able to translate such dreams into reality. An easy way of spotting a gold digger.
6. She is twice as young. Not always, of course, but in most cases, mercantile girls do not hesitate to organize their personal life with a man much older than them. They are not concerned with varying interests and opposite opinions that you have with her. If necessary, she will agree with and will unconditionally nod her head to everything that you say.
7. She subtly hints that she has difficulties with money. Lastly, one of the best tips on how to spot a gold digger is if she mentions money problems. A woman for whom money plays a secondary role in relations will never complain about financial difficulties and certainly will not turn to an unfamiliar man with a request for financial assistance. If you just met several times, and your passion already says that she needs your help or even hints at a similar moment, then this is already a red flag.

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