Gujarat assembly polls are nowadays at a full high tide. Amid the ongoing tension between the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) and the Congress over the allocation of tickets for the Gujarat polls, Patel quota stir spearhead Hardik Patel on Tuesday claimed his outfit never demanded any seats and said: “the BJP and the Congress are the same”.
Referring to the 2015 quota stir, Hardik told that sacrifice made by the Patidar “martyrs” can’t be just neglected for the sake of just three-four tickets. “Just remember one thing, we have to decimate those who have committed atrocities on us. I will not tell you who to vote for. Both the BJP and the Congress are the same. For them, the people are of no value. Just use your wisdom while giving your vote and choose the one who assures you justice,” Hardik told a huge gathering at Transad village in Dholka taluka.
His present remarks can also be noted as dejection from Congress. Looking forward to the polls, PAAS was to tie up with the national party after demanding 20 seats for them. But, the Congress decided to go on its own in the state.
Soon after the release of the first list by the Congress, the PASS took it as an improper representation by the national party and had prompted protests by its members. In Surat, several PAAS members ransacked the Congress city unit’s office and indulged in sloganeering against the party. Also, some people went on a rampage in many parts of the state.

Well, it was the first time when Hardik made any comments about the ongoing tussle between PAAS and the Congress over the allocation of tickets. He also showed his anger towards the ruling party BJP and told that the time has come to “decimate” the ruling BJP.

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