All women are well-known to the struggle linked between life and bra. Some common facts and struggle that every woman face on the name of the bra. The underwire that jabs us straight in the heart especially when we are expecting it not to, that strapless that will almost never stay in place and that strap which will ever so often just pop. Oh, the joy of removing it.

These are some jokes related to a bra that will definitely make every women smile and make her face full of smiling expressions.

Because who wants to wear a bra every day?

Your feeling of having everything under control. Some women think that not wearing a bra would solve 98% problem of hers.

That feeling is better than wine.

That moment when you can finally have a deep and easy breath. 

When we doze off without removing our bra.

Haha. Something that all women feel same.

Words that suggest something.

When you realise that nothing else but your bra is the reason for your bother.

This thing happens very rarely.

I hate when ur boob starts falling out of ur bra like excuse me, ma’am, please return to your assigned seat.

When your favourite bra betrays you.

Not wearing a bra in public can consider as a talent.

The most addictive ones.

The exact same feeling.

The day off story every morning one’s feel putting up a bra.

That priceless feeling

Let’s see what ladies think

about eating fruits putting up bra.

It is almost done by everyone at some point.

Wrong size bra.

Doc. suggestions

Thanks, Doc. A few “bra-verbs” we can all relate to a little too much.

Every badass woman deserves a beautiful notebook to pen her thoughts.


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