We, as humans, have a habit of believing everything that is fed to us. While some information that is communicated to us is correct, some of it is not. And the only way to know what is real information and what is not is by searching and reassuring it on your own with your personal experiences than blindly believing in what your friends or family members say.

When it comes to talking about bras and boobs, some girls are too shy to even mutter a word. Discussing the growing size, sagging boobs, perky nipples leave a lot of girls uncomfortable till date. And when you don’t talk and discuss, there is a great chance of forming misconceptions.

Through this article, we would like to debunk some of the common myths related to bras and help all you girls get more informed about your personal favourite innerwear.

Scroll down and take a look at these 7 bra myths that you might have believed all your life.

Myth: Sleeping in a bra can make your boobs perky

Some people believe that wearing a bra while sleeping can make their boobs perky. But this isn’t true. There’s no such proof that supports this statement. Also, according to Dr Carlos Burnett, a plastic surgeon who practices in New Jersey, your so-called sensory ligaments don’t get stretched out significantly while you are asleep. So, it doesn’t matter whether you wear your bra while sleeping or not.

Myth: Wearing a bra can make your boobs sag

We are often told that wearing a bra can make our boobs sag, which again is not true. Even a French study that took place in 2013 claimed that brassieres can cause women’s breast to sag more over time as they prevent supportive muscle tissue from forming. But it was only after Guth made some revelations that things got clear. Dr. Amber A. Guth, who is a breast surgeon and an associate professor of surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center, stated that your breast does not contain muscle, and only skin, fat and ligaments. She also said that your breast is not like your abs or your upper arms that you can improve with working out. So, whether you wear a bra or not, your boobs can only sag when there are some physiological changes that happen to your body over time.

Myth: Wearing a tight bra ups a woman’s cancer risk

It was only during the mid-90s that a team of medical anthropologists claimed that when we wear tight bras, the lymph nodes get restricted around the breasts, further trapping toxins in the breast tissue that can lead to the development of cancer in the body. Though there are a lot of people who still blindly trust this study in real it is not true. Guth, who is breast surgeon, stated it to be bogus and explained that the way the lymphatics work is that they go from the edge of the breasts to the nipple area, then out in the underarm. This way it is not being compressed or stopped by a bra because it is happening away from where the underwire is. Also, a number of doctors, in overall consensus, said that neither the type of bra worn nor the tightness of undergarments has any connection to the risk of breast cancer.

Myth: There’s only one way to put on your bra

This one is completely stupid. You can wear your bra in ‘n’ number of ways. Though the most common of all is the one in which you put your arms through the straps and then fasten the hook from the back. If you find it difficult, what you can do is hook it first and wear the straps.  Another funny yet convenient way to put on your bra is by hooking the bra in front, spin it around while it is on your body and then put the straps on.

Myth: You shouldn’t wash your bra too often

How would it feel when you go on to wear the same stinky lingerie over and over, without even washing it? Unhygienic, for sure! So, you better not go by this myth at all. Also, the quality of the fabric of your bra not only gets degraded but also breaks down after it is constantly rubbed with dirt and sweat that is released from your body. And in order to make sure that your favourite bra lasts longer, make sure you wash it on a regular basis.

Myth: You can keep your bra for a lifetime

There comes a time when you certainly need to replace your bra with a new one. If you wear a bra on a regular basis, the maximum it can last is one year. But if you wear it occasionally, say once in a week or month, you can keep it for almost 3 years. Also, it is better to discard those bras that get too loose or too tight or give an inappropriate fit to your breast.

Myth: The lightest colour bra is the one that is the least visible

This one is so not true. White, being the lightest shade of all the other colours, isn’t always the least visible options when it comes choosing the perfect colour bra for your outfit. The perfect way to choose a bra that is least visible or doesn’t show through your clothes is by matching it to your skin tone. All the nude shades of bras are best suited if you are looking out for least visibility.