Heat turns out in the weekend special episode of Big Boss Weekend Ka Vaar. Salman Khan lashed out on the wild card entry Priyank Sharma. Thrashing him Salman said,  “Priyank tumne iss ghar main aa kar aur gandagi faillayi hai”. Salman announces war on one of the contestants every week who have either crossed their limits or broken house rules. This time Priyank Sharma was the one who faced Salman’s fierceness.

The first person to face Salman’s anger in Bigg Boss 11 was Zubair Khan. The ousted contestant consumed pills taking the incident as an insult on national TV, after which he was hospitalised; evicted. Later on, Zubair also created a dramatic regime for many days and also filed a complaint against host Salman Khan. Well, the show is not affected by the complaint but it has created lots of travesty on the social media. And in the last episode, Priyank faced Salman’s wrath.

Priyank Sharma has re-entered the house again this season and is creating a lot of drama inside the house. While he is clearly instructed by the Bigg Boss not to disclose to the inmates about the goings-on outside the house. But it seems, he didn’t pay any heed to it. He also faced Arshi in a shocking incident on the show, when he told Sapna Choudhary about her legal matter and told Sapna Choudhary about Arshi Khan’s legal matter and her being detained in a sex scandal.

Salman seems very angry on Priyank in the last episode and he also warns him to throw out of the house if he still continues his antics. After that Priyank broke down and was reduced to tears.Arshi Khan was also filled with tears during the conversation. One thing is clear from the host Salman Khan this season that no contestants will be allowed to spread crap on the show. And the contestants will face his anger every weekend for their mistakes on the national TV.

Also, Arshi’s Khan publicist had decided for a legal action by filing an FIR against Priyank Sharma and Sapna Choudhary. Bigg Boss is the only reality show aired for India which left many controversies behind it after the show. Every year many Dramatic sessions are involved with the name of Bigg Boss and it has created a lot’s of controversies too.  Let’s wait and see what dramatic impact it will show in the coming episodes of the Show.

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