The marriage life is very much dependent upon the curiosity and pleasures. Age factor also plays a key role in a better relationship. Some men become very generous and stingy after the end of their wooing stage. According to a survey, the generous nature of men create bitterness in the relationship and also leads to most women becoming unfaithful to their partners.
The survey was conducted by a dating site for married individuals, catering to people seeking affairs outside their relationships. The research was conducted on around 5000 Indian women users of the dating site and their age group was between 23-35 years. As per the study, the married women are not willing to have gifts, but they do appreciate being looked after and valued.

Jealousy nearly ruined marriage-Lezanne & Mark Clannachan, from West Sussex. 3.3.2013

Now, let’s have a look what women feel about their spouse. As many as 74 percent women describe their spouse as generous enough. Also, 56 percent said they have already fought about this issue several times. Also, infidelity was the term used by most of the women as they link infidelity to the lack of generosity from their husbands. The huge group of women around 69% denounce their husbands on cheating on them, they conveyed that they feel the lack of sweet words, tenderness, small gestures, and initiatives is because their spouse is cheating on them or is in the process.

Talking about their own infidelity, they told that this is because of their spouse’s ignorant behaviour and 39 percent women members stated that it was their need to feel valued.Around 29 percent women accepted that it feels pleasureless when their spouse does not make sufficient effort in the love. Over a quarter of them declared that stinginess is the real reason that has killed their romance.
According to the head of communications of the site, he is happy to see the increasing number of Indian women on their site. In this survey, the site has noticed the reason for the women to move out from their marital bond and they will soon encounter the new ones.

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