Indian Actresses Who Were Caught In The Dark Streets Of Sex Industry

The word itself raises a number of eyebrows. People start speculating various things as soon as they hear this word. It is undoubtedly a very debatable topic.

While some women are into this profession willingly others are caught in this without any prior notice. Many Indian actresses have been caught in prostitution scandals. Here’s a list of those actresses.

Sherlyn Chopra


The super hot actress created waves when she disclosed a couple of years ago about her involvement in sex racket for the sake of money. However, just in case someone doubts her intentions, she cleared the air that it was only out of compulsion that she got herself into it.

Shweta Basu Prasad


This child actor took the route of prostitution in order to surviKinnera has played a lead role in a couple of Telugu movies and was also seen in character roles in a few Telugu movies. However, she too got involved in a sex racket and was caught playing a sex broker in a news channel’s sting operation. It was a shock to read about Shweta Basu being caught in a sex racket when we had high hopes from her post her National award performance in ‘Makdee’ in 2002.



Yamuna is a known figure in the Kannada film industry and it was shocking to read about her involvement in a prostitution racket. She was arrested in 2011 for this illegal act in ITC Royal Gardenia hotel in Bangalore.

Aish Ansari


Arrested from Jodhpur in 2011 in a flesh trade involvement, Tamil actress Aish Ansari is among those Indian actresses caught in prostitution. She is said to have offered her services to many high profile men across the country.

Saira Banu


Telugu film actress Saira Banu was caught with seven other women in a police raid in Hyderabad in 2010. They were all charged for prostitution and were caught red handed with some customers in an apartment.