It has been a week since the little Pradyuman was brutally killed in the washroom of his own school in Gurgaon. While Police has arrested the bus conductor who has confessed to the crime, the parents of the 7 years old claim to be some foul play at the hands of the school authority behind the murder of their innocent son.
According to the latest updates by the Gurugram Police on the Ryan International’s Pradyuman murder case, the little child was seen crawling out of the school toilet after his throat was brutally slit with a knife. Pradyuman was seen crawling out of the toilet with blood pooling out from his body but collapsed near the wall within seconds. This is where the gardener found Pradyuman’s lifeless body at 8am on that fateful day.
The recording on the security camera show that Pradyuman came inside the toilet while the bus conductor was already present inside. The conductor was seen leaving the toilet within minutes and this is when Pradyuman was seen crawling out of the toilet with his hands holding his neck.

A postmortem report would later establish that the child died within two minutes of his throat being slit. His wind pipe had been gashed, he couldn’t cry for help. It was the bus conductor who carried Pradyuman to a car owned by a teacher used to rush the child to hospital.
The police claims that Ashok Kumar, who was arrested within 20 hours of the murder, confessed that he tried to sexually assault the child; when he resisted, the conductor allegedly killed him with a knife from a toolkit that was used on the school bus.
Pradyuman’s killing has triggered a nationwide debate on safety at schools. Of the nearly 30 security cameras at Ryan’s International, only 16 were working. The washroom had no attendant. An adult who was not on the school’s staff was able to stroll in easily and had access to an unprotected child. School officials had warned the management of the urgent need for more security cameras, but were ignored.

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