Kangana Ranaut has become the talk of the town post her appearance on the talk show Aap Ki Adalat. She made some quirky revelations about her relationship with not just Hrithik Roshan but also Aditya Pancholi. She accused Aditya Pancholi of exploiting her and keeping her locked in a room when she was in a relationship with the elder actor. Aditya brushed all these accusations calling Kangana a mad girl. She was seen calling out to Zarina Wahab as well for telling that she went to the actress for help but did not get any support.

Well, Aditya Pancholi has hired two lawyers, Zameer Khan and Shreya Srivastava, to sue Kanganafort defaming the actor. Aditya has dispatched a legal notice to Kangana for defamation. Confirming the same, Pancholi said, “I think that’s the procedure to send a legal notice to someone and I have abided by the same.”

Pancholi adds in the end, “I have done what I had to. Now, the onus is on Kangana to say or do what she wants to in response to my action.”

It’s going to be interesting to see how Kangana reacts to this legal notice.

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