Social media is a very powerful thing, one moment it takes your stardom to pinnacles of success, another moment it spreads shocking rumours about your own death!

Well yes, death hoaxes have become a common thing in today’s social world. Someone plays a prank about a celebrity’s death and it escalates quickly to seem like a hard and true news.

The latest celebrity to become a victim of this death hoax is none other than television’s most loved bahu and mommy, Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita Bhalla of Ye Hai Mohabbatein. Ishita was left shocked after calls from her family and friends started pouring in after hearing the death news of the actress. The hoax news flashing Divyanka’s sad demise after meeting with an accident spread like wild fire and disturbed the entire industry.

A shocked Divyanka Tripathi made a clarification about the news being nothing but a hoax. She took to Twitter and said,  “Someone’s spreading the news about me being in #RIPmode. Guys I’m very much alive. Please don’t trouble my friends and family with such rumours.”

“People are believing some stupid rumours and then calling up my people to say that I have met with an accident and I am dead. I am getting freaked out calls from my loved ones. So I had to go public so that people don’t believe such stories,” added Divyanka.

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