Only a couple of days back, Sunny Leone put a conclusion to the bits of gossip that she was expecting an infant and told correspondents this was recently not the correct time for her to get pregnant with such a great amount of things going ahead in her life. In any case, she likewise included, “But who knows, someday I will just walk in with a baby in hand. And everyone will be shocked, where did the baby come from?”
Furthermore, well, precisely that has happened. In an interview with a leading tabloid Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber uncovered that they have adopted a baby girl named Nisha Kaur Weber, and as indicated by Sunny, it was unexplainable adoration.
Even though it came out of the blue, isn’t it such good news?
“It’s a responsibility for the rest of our lives. But we have been ready for that — physically, mentally and financially. We were working really hard because we wanted to start a family, and this is the way it’s going to start, so it’s amazing,” said Sunny Leone.
They took the decision to adopt almost two years ago, when they visited an orphanage. But they soon realized the timing wasn’t up to them. She said, “We didn’t decide. The Indian government and Cara agency decided when we were ready (smiles). We didn’t know that you don’t get to choose the ashram or orphanage that you adopt from, the ministry chooses for you.”

Also, they didn’t think of the name Nisha.  Daniel said, “That was her name. They told us that we can change and we had our minds filled with names but she is who she is. Every time, we called her by other names, it just didn’t fit her.” Appears they are very excited of becoming parents now.
What’s more, if individuals question them about adoption, Daniel has the ideal reaction, , “When people ask, ‘why did they adopt?’ our counter is, ‘oh, why not?’ That’s normal for us.”

Sunny is completely in love with her baby girl and, by the day’s end, that is the only thing that is in anyway important. She said, “She is so cute. The moment she looks up at you and smiles, it just melts your heart. I look forward to her growing up to become an independent and being her own woman.”
All things considered, congrats to them for at last getting to be parents to the most cute young lady!