Every woman is beautiful in her own way. As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. However, some women do have an edge over others. The list of top 10 most desirable women of the world (2017) has Bollywood’s  darling Deepika Padukone and our ’Desi girl’ Priyanka Chopra. Oh how proud we are of them! One must admit that god might have taken week’s off to create these beauties. Nevertheless, these women are the most desirable beyond a shadow of doubt-
10) Kim Kardashian
The Richie rich Kardashians are always a part of the talk! The hot and sexy Kim is someone whom every woman looks up to. Along the way, Kardashian has proven to be a smart business woman as she launched several of her own perfumes and obtained endorsement deals for many companies.
9) Rooney Mara
Rooney Mara is definitely one beautiful lady and gives us some serious beauty goals! Possessing one of the most beautiful eyes amongst the women in this list, Rooney is ranked at number 9.
8) Deepika Padukone
We have our bollywood diva at number 8. The icon has never failed to impress us with her bold and stunning looks. She has never missed a chance to astonish us with her performances. We are awestruck by this beauty! She also made her Hollywood debut in 2017.
7) Scarlett Johansson
Who can forget The Black Widow from Fantastic Four and the Captain America series? Scarlett is an actress, a model and singer. She’s a pack of talent! Voted as one of the sexiest woman by Esquire magazine, she has the potential to seduce any man to her line of thinking.

6) Beyonce 
The number 6 spot goes to the hot and sizzling American singer Beyonce Knowles. She has surely been an idol for millions of women around the world. We cant stop grooving and tapping our feet whenever her songs get played. “Run the world” , ,“single ladies” , “Halo” are some of her famous hits (there are many to be listed here!) .
5) Kate Upton
The piping hot model and actress is well known for her appearances in the sports illustrated Sports Issue. Seems like the bikinis were just made for this curvaceous model.  Apart from having a perfect body that can make men drool all over, Kate also has one of the most beautiful faces.
4) Sofia Vergara
Beauty has no age bar. Who can prove it better than this beautiful lady? The Columbian-American actress and TV host has a million dollar smile and this 43 year old icon is definitely one of the most desirable women in the world, securing the 4th position in the list.
3) Jennifer Lawrence
The picture perfect actress stands tall on number 3 in the list. She’s amongst the top 3 for a reason! She is a woman most men fantasize about. Her sharp features and perfectly toned body need no description at all.
2) Priyanka Chopra
Here comes the all time favorite Bollywood’s Desi girl!  After blowing away the Bollywood industry with her jaw dropping beauty and extraordinary acting skills, she has already made her place in the heart of Hollywood as well. Possessing one of the most beautiful voices in the industry, the legendary icon is smoldering hot to touch!  The progress that she has made is commendable and she totally deserves to be in the top 3.

  1. Emma Watson

Everyone’s favorite Hermoine from the Harry Potter Series validates the fact that it is not necessary to expose your body to become successful and famous. One of the most beautiful woman to have ever graced Hollywood, tops the list of the most desirable women in the world.  She can surely set men’s heart on fire!!

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