One incident can change your entire life! Kapil Sharma’s mid-air fight with Sunil Grover proves to be that one incident of Kapil’s life where he Kapil physically and verbally abused his teammate Sunil in the high spirits while flying back to India; and as soon as this incident came to public eye, his life got absolutely toppled. His core teammates including Sunil Grover left the show owing to his arrogant behavior and he also lost a major chunk of fans as well.
Ever since he has been trying to apologise and convince Sunil Grover to return to his show but the damage is already done and Sunil is in no mood to ever return. Kapil did every possible thing to convince Sunil, but nothing really worked. He publically apologized, met him personally – not once but many times. But all went in vain!
With no concrete performers on the show, viewers lost interest and The Kapil Sharma Show is struggling hard with TRPs. This separation has in fact started taking a toll on Kapil’s health as well. Recently, he cancelled the shoot with Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma as he fainted on the sets and had to be rushed to hospital.

But recently, the comedian-actor Kapil went live on Facebook and had an elaborate chat session with his fans. When asked if he missed his old teammates, he without any hesitation said, “I too get emotional and this might be visible to you in my performance as well. I also miss them.”
He also shared his feelings about Sunil and revealed that he met him many times! “I have met him (Sunil Grover) a few times. He is like my brother and he can come back whenever he feels like,” he said.
Kapil indeed appears to be helpless without Sunil, who was the absolute backbone of the show.

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