After years of dating and living with our partners, we get so comfortable that we take them for granted. It is crucial to keep the fire alight in a relationship if you don’t want it to end up like the Kapil Sharma show after a few years, boring and repeating the same old day after day.  Nobody likes a monotonous routine. Thrill, surprises and adventures are always healthy and relaxing.

If you are willing to put in an extra effort to keep your consort for a long time, then keep on reading.

  1. Don’t stop dressing up

Once comfortable with each other, we enter into our sweatpants and pajama phase. We think that the other person has accepted us the way we are and there is no need to dress up or make ourselves look our best. That’s right! One of the vital parts of a relationship is accepting each other with all the flaws and differences but, by dressing up for your partner shows them that you still care about grabbing their attention. You don’t have to put on lots of makeup, wear a 3 piece suit or dress like Madonna. Putting on casual attire with your hairs done and just a lipstick is enough. For guys, go to a barber shop and get groomed, put on a good pair of shoes and a watch. The motive is to catch their eyes and make them feel valued.

  1. Don’t take anything for granted

Remember, during the dating phase, when you would put in extra effort to impress them? Continue with it! Showing off your qualities a little keeps reminding them why they came to you in the first place.

  1. Get out!

I possibly cannot stress on this enough. Pack your luggage and go on trips and adventures. Staying at home everyday can be really numbing sometimes. Going away every 2-3 months can be very relaxing and refreshing. Plus, you get to spend some distraction free time with each other.

  1. Try new things together

Start a TV series together or join dance classes. Try anything new together that interests you both. This give you something extra to talk about and help you both grow together. There’s a new restaurant in town? Book seats for yourself and try some cuisine you never had before.

  1. Don’t smother them

While trying all the new things together and going out, don’t forget that personal space is also important. Don’t make your partner feel that they cannot get away from you. Don’t act clingy and needy. Let them enjoy some girls/boys time with their friends.

  1. Don’t be shy in the bed

Let’s be honest, physical intimacy is crucial. It is proven that sex builds up the bond between partners and gets them closer. If you are in a committed relationship and you are comfortable with your partner, then try different and new stuff in bed. Keep it exciting.

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